Parenting is a skill we can learn; we are not born with. Becoming a parent is such a life changing milestone.It can become very stressful when we juggle all the tasks we must do in a day until we feel lonely or overwhelmed and don’t enjoy anymore our role as a parent. I believe that every parent deserves to get the tools to enjoy their role, to have peace at home and feel confident about their parenting style. 

Sara Ryachi

Hi, i'm Sara RYACHI

I am Sara, I help parents of toddlers with their daily challenges. I truly believe that we are not born parents, it is a skill we can learn and get better at. My journey with positive discipline started when I became a mom, I knew what kind of mom I wanted to be (calm, confident, etc.) but I didn’t know how, I didn’t have the tools. I came across positive discipline and it changed my life and my motherhood journey.

My Programs


All workshops are designed to provide effective tools that parents can start using immediately. It is designed for busy parents & caregivers who want to learn how to implement positive discipline...


You have a challenge with your toddler, and you are looking for guidance on specific challenges? Book your free 20 min assessment to find the right strategy to tackle your challenge.


You are an organization, a school, a charity organizing events including parenting topics and wants to reach out to us? email us with your request and we will get back to you within 48 hours.



How to be your authentic self.
A refreshing workshop on “authenticity” and how to go back to true self! Heart touching testimonies and deep conversations took place in Feasto Qatar.

Sept 2022

Parenting Cup
a monthly free event to support moms. We gather and talk about parenting challenges! We laugh, share, grow, together

Aug 2022

Book Launch event
As the MC of the event of the book launch of Mom4Doha

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